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Dude monitoring problem

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 12:03 am
by EugeneT
Hi guys,
I have a completely puzzling issue. Hope someone can help me solve it. My local network contains 2 MikroTik devices - HAP AC2 as a router with the Dude server installed and RB951G-2HnD as a range extender. No matter what, I cannot make the Dude to monitor system resources (CPU, memory, disk) on the router. SnmpWalk works fine works fine when polled from the range extender or from Windows shell tool, but doesn't when polled from the router itself; regardless of what is selected as agent (default, router, range extender); all system services are always reported down and all SNMP tabs in the Dude device settings remain empty. I tried both SNMP V1 and V2 but to no avail.
I'm quite a newbie in MikroTik, so there is a chance I've overlooked something basic, like a firewall rule or some bridge settings, so I'd appreciate any help.

Re: Dude monitoring problem

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:09 pm
by M3nt0san
I'm no expert but i am using the Dude with some basic features. IN logging you can select what information the log will show you in memory for example(when you hit the Log button). However, I am using the dude on a VM in Azure, not sure that RB951 is really a good option for a dude server, wiki says it is not supported as a server.
Here is the wiki that explains the requirements ... stallation (Hardware:TILE devices; ARM devices;MMIPS devices;RouterOS x86 installations;RouterOS CHR environment).
As long as you install the dude on a vm or some dedicated device that is build for dude (like Hex or CCRs or CHR), you should have no problem as long as you are using snmpv1 or v2. With v3 it gets a little tricky from my last experiences. For small setups, it might be a cool setup for a Raspberry Pi to be able to run some version of routerOS , of course with the Dude package enabled.
I hope it helps.