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Dude causes CPU spikes and packet loss on a RB1100AHx4

Wed May 15, 2019 10:54 pm


I have tried to run a small (31 devices) dude installation on a RB1100AHx4. The data files are stored in a A1-class (100MB/s read, 50MB/s write) Sandisk SD card, formatted as EXT3. The card is only a few weeks old, has plenty of free space (14.6 free of 14.8GB). The database is vacuumed.

The router without the dude has around 5-9% CPU load, depending on time of day. When the dude is running, the CPU spikes up to 25% every few seconds, which cases delay spikes and packet loss throughout the network. The problems disappear when dude is shut down.

I used to run dude for the same network on a hEX Gr2, on a much slower card, with no problems. And the hEX was also routing at the same time.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Mikrotik, can you give any advice or look more into why this is happening?
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