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Color / notifications customizations.

Tue Jun 04, 2019 4:21 pm

Hi guys.
Im setting a dude monitoring platform for a noc center.
We have forllowing main probes:
1 Ping to test reachability.
2 Rssi level for ptp links.
3 Connected clients for wifi nodes.

I would like to:
1 ping , get red color on map when ping is down , this is ok since is the default behaviour.
2 Rssi level, stay in green color when level is less than threshold but send a notification:
I can send notification but can not make it stay at green color , this is not a critical situation so I dont want to see en red color.
3 Connected clientes: Same here , I just want it to send a notification but dont want to change color since it is not a critical situation.

Any ideas ? Im trying to get it work from the apearence settings.
Im in the right way ?

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