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Timetricks value in DUDE

Thu Jun 20, 2019 11:29 pm


I have several APC UPS that I monitor using DUDE.
I get voltage, temperature and work mode using custom probes.
The values I look at are in history.

Now I want to get the value of RunTimeRemaining
I create custom probe that reads the value of oid ("").
But it didn't work. Dude return zero.

I've read viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13126&p=60750&hilit ... cks#p60750 and tried to use the oid_raw, oid_raw_column function. In this case I also got nothing.

I noticed that if the variable is 1 hour and it is multiplied by 60, you can get 60 minutes. (oid ("")*60

Although, if you get the value of oid_raw, the oid_raw_column needs to be divided into 6000. Here's an example of what's read directly from UPS:

If I read a value well above 60 minutes (e.g. SysUpTime) DUDE shows nothing.

Tell me, how can I read the timetricks OID-s in Dude?
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