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Dude package won't (re)install on Routerboard 3011 (yes, same arch package)

Sun Jul 07, 2019 6:45 pm

On a RouterBoard 3011 with ARM architecture i had "the dude" installed and wanted to upgrade to system to the current 6.45.1 version (2019/07/07).
The update procedure was not as expected like:
- upload new router-os version with the right architecture
- reboot
- upload file as above
- reboot
- system -> routerboard -> upgrade - yes
- reboot
and only then the systemupgrade was successful.

Now i have some hassle with the dude package: uploaded the arm version dude-6.45.1-arm.npk and rebooted. Nada, nothing happened.
Made a backup of the dude folder, deleted them, rebooted, Nada, nothing happened.

Does someone has an idea what i am missing or what is preventing the instalation?
The log shows nothing suspicious.

Your help would be really appreciated since this is a productive system and i'd like to run the dude server tomorrow again :/
Thank you in advance!

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