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Read wireless link stat from Device

Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:15 pm

Hi, I am playing with Dude and trying get signal strength, CCQ, TX rate etc. How you guys do it? Best way?

I saw two ways:
1. using SNMP (any device with SNMP on), get OID with value, create function with code oid("oid number") and than use this function in data source, label, etc.
2. using Mikrotik commands (Mikrotik device), create function and just run command returning needed value with ros_command(":put [/interface wireless registration-table get [find where interface=\"wlan\"] tx-ccq]")

Q1: How to make universal fuction to get CCQ (for example for Mikrotik clients), as end of OID number is alway different / wlan interface name can be different (wlan1, wlan2 ...) etc ...
Just like add service CCQ probe and it just graph all wlans ccq in mikrotik without "hardcoding" OIDs for every device ....
Q2: what is more computing power consuming SNMP query (snmp v2 read only) or run mikrotik command (ros_command)?
Q3: Get this walues on AP or from connected clients?

Any ideas or other ways how you work with this/get this values from devices?


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