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Creating ping probe with source - IPsec monitoring

Fri Jan 24, 2020 9:13 pm


I'm new in Dude. Most thing i created with smaller or bigger problem.

I need to create probe which will ping between remote routers and show ping time or simply UP status as a lable on the line between routers. Below i create simple picture.

Host A is router with dude server. I can create without problems ping probe between Host A --> B and host A --> C.

Host B and C see each other and using ping tool i can ping B to C and C to B.

I need somehow to put source (?) in this probe but don't know how. I need it to monitor raw IPSec tunnels between remote locations. I was using l2tp which was great because was showing as interface on each remote router but performance impact was huge so i moved back to IPSec but i lost easy ability to monitoring remote tunnels (others than this on Dude).

Please help.
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Re: Creating ping probe with source - IPsec monitoring

Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:57 pm

You can run a ROS cmd and use it's output in a device label:
[ros_command(":put [/ip ipsec active-peers print]")]
Or you could add a device from the other side of the link to your map and use that to indicate the status of the tunnel.
Or a combination of the two with the ros cmd output displayed on the link appearance.

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