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Add CAPSMAN devices with same IP but behind different agents

Sun May 03, 2020 3:22 pm


My search came up empty so asking here.

Setup a Dude Server on a RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition.
Now, I need to monitor several locations with Mikrotik APs in CAPSMAN mode.
I can add the APs in 1st location just fine, but on 2nd, 3rd, etc location, because APs have the same private IPs as on the 1st location, I cannot add them. The option is just missing.

Am I doing something wrong or The Dude does not support multiple devices with the same private IP but different agents?


later edit:
While the Dude is not allowing me to add an AP from "Device/RouterOS" window, I can add it just fine manually by IP.
Once added, I just have to change the agent and device type, click apply and then setup services to monitor (ping, etc) and it works.

Nevertheless it would be nice if Dude would just allow us to add routeros devices directly from device screen, without having to manually add each one by IP.

Thank you.
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