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CPU overhead on CCR1036 from Dude queries when MAC table is large

Sun May 10, 2020 6:23 pm

I have a CCR1036 router that has a very large MAC table, it exceeds 3000 entries. this is not a problem as you must work with this table.
The problem I have with Dude, which when consulting the router takes that table and generates a CPU load. I'm not interested in Dude taking the MAC table. I want to avoid CPU overload and keep probing for the other parameters I am interested in taking with Dude.

Dude take for defaults the MAC table when the device is defined and the SNMP connection configured, and I want to prevent Dude from taking the MAC table

Can I prevent Dudue from taking the MAC table?
Can I filter only the MAC table queries on the router?

Thank you.

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