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Dude Device Name

Posted: Sun Jun 21, 2020 9:02 pm
by Lipastas
Hey Guys,
I deploying dude to my network and I'm not very familiar with it . its a very complex network that will take me time to add all the devices.
till now I am facing a problem I will add the steps so someone could help me find a better way,
1- add the main device
2-discover all the devices by IP
3- adding user name and password to connect to the new device, because its a very old network with different passwords
4-enabling SNMP on each device
5- adding these function to the appearance tab to get all the device names :
the problem is when a device disconnects I don't know the device name anymore because the function will turn off automatically . is there any way to set the device name using a function that will save on the device even if the device is disconnected or I should add it manually?
I'm new on this forum hope I got welcomed with a solution.