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Mikrotik.MIB file with WiFi OIDs for RBD52G

Sun Aug 23, 2020 10:13 pm


I have installed newest available mikokrotik.mib file to the Dude ( ... _.28MIB.29) but the SNMP walk reaches end of mib without displaying wireless values for WiFi interfaces of RBD52G.
I can get some OIDs manually by try-fail approach and by using the OID numbers from CLI, but it seems it is not everything. And anyway, the walking does not show anything about the wireless, which means that there must be newer mib file or I have missed something... Wireless sections of older devices are walked fine.

Dude is version 6.46.6 and RBD52G is 6.45.9.

Any hints or experience with walking the wireless snmp oids in RBD52G by Dude?

Thank you.

EDIT: It is even more strange... I have another RBD52G in my network (6.45.9 too), which shows snmp walking thru Mikrotik.mib while the other does not. The same models, the same ROS version, the same Dude instance... walking in two windows simultaneously, one shows oids from mikrotik.mib, one does not. What the hell is that??
(reading the oids directly works from both devices the same)

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