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V3.7 Beta Uncontrollable SNMP Traffic

Wed Apr 02, 2008 4:32 pm

I have the dude 3.7 beta running on a computer monitoring a wireless network.
their are 100+ access points on the network.. and even though all I have is
Pings setup on the devices.. each radio gets an snmp request every 3 seconds... I can't get it to stop.. This is not doing any discovery...
even if I remove all polling to a devices it still is getting hit with a snmp
request every 3 seconds...

I am debating removing the dude or going back to a previous version to
see if it will stop the snmp attacks on the equipment..

Any help would be greatly appeciated..
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Re: V3.7 Beta Uncontrollable SNMP Traffic

Tue Apr 08, 2008 4:25 pm

Hello Cris,
tcpdump on my dude server does not show snmp traffic
for a device with device properties set to
setting -> General Tab: snmp profile: no-snmp , TYPE: some-device
no ticks at SecoreMode, RouterOS, Dude Server
setting -> services Tab : ping
(the no-snmp settings are: Version none, Tries 3, try timeout 3000 )
Dude 3.0beta7 at Suse 10.1 wine

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