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Chart elements disappear, cannot be re-added

Thu Dec 18, 2008 6:29 pm

I'm experiencing a problem with charts an rx/tx data. If I create a chart with two elements, say ether1 @ routera rx and ether1 @ routera tx, the chart gets create perfectly.

At some time in the future (maybe just a few minutes, maybe a few hours), the second element goes missing. When I go back to the chart settings, there is only one element (the first one that was entered).

If I attempt to re-add the second element, I get the error "already have line with this source". My only recourse is to delete the chart and try again. I've only seen this behavior with rx/tx data on charts with only those two elements, but I haven't tried too many combinations to see how widespread the problem is.

Note: if the chart is applied to a panel, you cannot delete it; if you attempt to, The Dude will crash. when restarted, the chart is still there.

This is happening with both 3.0rc3 and the new 3.0.

Any thoughts on how to fix this problem???
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Re: Chart elements disappear, cannot be re-added

Wed Dec 31, 2008 6:25 pm

You can try to directly modify the XML backup and then restore it once you think you have found the trouble.

You should take steps to ensure you don't lose your current working system by either copying the dude folder to a backup location or clone your dude server to a temporary server and fix it on the temporary server.

I have directly modified the XML backup and reimported it. After import you have to restart the dude service...

Another idea would be to add a third element to the chart and see if the first two stay... Not that great of a solution.

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