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What is needed for ideal dude system

Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:20 pm

What type of system would be ideal to run the dude on.

I have about 250+ remote sites with average of 4-6 mikrotik ap's in each location. I want to use the dude to monitor these with the dude using the agent feature.

I need it to be able to store log's and also handle multiple people connecting to it through either the web interface or through a dude client.

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Re: What is needed for ideal dude system

Tue Apr 07, 2009 10:32 pm

Buy core 2 duo, intel motherbaord with intel nic, and fast hdd. 1 GB of ram is more than enough if you run dude on ROS. I have system with pentium D daul core procesor, and seagate 7200.11 hdd, and i think hdd is botlenecking everything. Now it makes 6000+ sector writes per second. So if i had enough money, i would store database on some new ssd, like Intel X25-M Or OCZ vertex (30 Gb). Or try setting up short stroking on hdd.

I have about 300 devices on my dude su it uses weakly:

CPU: Max:34% Average:30% Current:27%
RAM: Max:174.02 MiB (9.1%) Average:161.78 MiB (8.5%) Current:174.02 MiB (9.1%)
HDD: Max:779.40 MiB (0.5%) Average:680.46 MiB (0.4%) Current:779.40 MiB (0.5%) (i put my backups in routeros file system.)

Max In: 338.40 Kb Average In: 316.83 Kb Current In: 312.90 Kb
Max Out: 765.09 Kb Average Out: 481.84 Kb Current Out: 517.77 Kb

Hope this data helps.

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