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How are you displaying your traffic usage on links?

Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:06 pm

I'm just curious as to how everyone else is displaying their SNMP traffic across links? I have a Wireless Mesh network that I'm monitoring with The Dude, and with the wireless devices that are setup in bridge mode, I could get the traffic info from that bridge from either of the two devices.

This could obviously apply to all links that have interface monitoring devices at each end. For someone who isn't me looking at the network map, how are they supposed to know what direction TX and RX actually means, with out bringing up the config of the link to know what device it's getting the information from?

I've thought of putting a static object inbetween the two devices, IE, this is the standard display:


This is what I could do:


Is this what other people are doing in this situation, or are you just not worrying? Is there some fancy way to "Average" the information from both devices that I'm not aware of, or a way to change the TX/RX labels so they could make more sense to someone who can't see the config?

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Re: How are you displaying your traffic usage on links?

Thu Nov 26, 2009 7:59 pm

you want to change TX/RX to words "Tranceive/Recive", or you want to specify device, to exactly point out directions of flow?
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Re: How are you displaying your traffic usage on links?

Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:35 pm

I set my dashboard with no devices directly on it all devices are on submaps one layer deep directly off the main dashboard. On the dashboard all the submaps are connected to each other to show the basic network layout. All the links on the main dashboard originate from the center and work outward... So tx is outward and rx is inward for every link. This makes blue outbound and red inbound on all links on the main dashboard.

All submaps are build along the same line and take the interface from the closest device and connect it to the further device.
The one exception I have added is to take the router on each submap and connect it back to the neighboring map so I can see traffic on both ends of every routed link once on the main dashboard and once in each submap. This effectively collects the counters for every routed link from every router only once at each end. Note that the exception has the inbound and outbound reversed but it is only one link on each submap. (hope that is not too confusing).

You can see the graphic of my dash on the show us your maps thread on the first page...

(edit) After thinking about it this method would not work so great for a mesh network. I think your idea of static devices between all the mesh points like you suggested would work good.

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