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Mikrotik WISP.- Cacti/THE DUDE How to monitor Signal Level

Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:28 pm

The DUDE / Mikrotik user

I have one month reading information that exist on this THE DUDE/Forums and others forums on the network finding the information that permit to monitoring some parameters on our RB333/RB411

Remember we are a Mikrotik WISP

1.Alignment: Currently we use the parameters Signal Strength and TX Signal Strength to
determinate when the antenna lost the alignment between the other side
when this happen we need that THE DUDE/CACTI generate any alert {sound,
mail, popup}.- If you know how I can configure this alert in THE DUDE or maybe
you know how I can to graphs on CACTI please let me know.

2.Signal to Noise: To determinate the noise; We find the process or functions to programme
into THE DUDE/CACTI to know when the signal down or up of it normal value
and generate any alert {sound, email, popup}. - if you know how I can
configure this alert on THE DUDE /CACTI please let me know

3.P-Throughput: We have experiences with this parameters that when exist any interference
with the P-Throughput value that this going down its bandwidth and after the
interference time the P-Throughput going back to normal. - Others experience is
when the antenna lost its alignment or maybe some tree. - We need setup on
THE DUDE/CACTI any threshold that permit know when the value change to
up/down and send any alert {sound, email, popup}.- if you know how I can
configure this alert on THE DUDE/CACTI please let me know.


We work on the NOC area and some time we don’t know when happen any situation abnormal, for this reason we need programme the DUDE/CACTI to generate this alert that permit know when thing happen.- I write again I read on THE DUDE/CACTI forum and not exist any information about this that permit read and apply.- I attach the picture where you can see the value that I speak.

Please send me back any commentaries.
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