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Basic Question using dude to monitor remote locations & OSX?

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:55 am
by bigguns
One of the last parts of my network is to get Dude working to monitor all my locations. I've played around with the software and installed the dude packages on the RB's. But I'd like to monitor (incase of outages/spikes, bandwidth).

I've been reading the manuals trying to understand how to use Dude, but its not very clear in what needs to be done and/or what needs to be configured on the RB's themself.

Basicallly I'd like to monitor all RB's and certain devices behide them (AP's/Switches/Certain Servers) - could someone please explain how I'd go about setting this up please (remote monitoring).

Also is there anyway to run the Dude on OSX?


Re: Basic Question using dude to monitor remote locations &

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:07 pm
by lebowski
Someone else will have to chime in for how to configure on RB.

First do not auto discover your network. Add a single device manually (right click on an empty map, add device).
If you have SNMP working, open the settings for the device and on the services tab click on Discover. (The discover for the settings for the device not the discover for the map.)
Note: Sometimes when you add a device SNMP doesn't work correctly and you will need to manually delete the device and click undo.
(I have this problem with almost every device I add, delete and undo has fixed it every time. This problem appears after you add a device then when you open the settings for that device the dude stops responding... it thinks your device has thousands of probes)

As the Discover runs it will try many of the built in probes against your device. You will see that some probes have been added to your device.
Note: Which probes can be added to which device is controlled in more than one location. At this point you should configure settings in the discover tab for what type of devices to discover and modify what services are allowed to be discovered on which device.

Delete all the discovered services on your test device and Discover them again, verifying that only the services you are interested in get added automatically. Do this for a few more devices (different types), add manually, discover services, fix discovered services , verify operation. Once you feel you have the hang for this process you are ready to create maps, create auto discover ranges for each map, decide if you want to auto discover ranges on an interval.

What I would do, knowing what I know now is create a map for each network, configure Discover for each map to run once for each network. That way most of the devices get added automatically and since you configured your device types ahead of time you should get devices you are interested in and probes should be automatically added for each device.

You can create your own device types and your own probes and that is well documented check out the probe thread and the probe wiki.


Re: Basic Question using dude to monitor remote locations &

Posted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:54 pm
by bigguns

Ok i've managed to get what I need from the software - on a basic level; but I'm having a slight issue - due to my firewalls in place, they keep blocking my IP address; now since I need to use the dude remotely from different locations how can I get around this issue? Add a trusted IP isn't going to work so anyone with any other ideas?