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Notification from The Dude server via telnet

Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:03 pm


I've read a lot recently about sms notifications from The Dude.
I'm planning to implement something similar, but witout a third party software.
The e-mail to sms is not an option, because what if our smtp server does down ?!

Recently tested a 3G modem in a RB433UAH. Succesfully connects to internet and sends sms.
I'd like to use this as a notification device.

The modem will be connected to our main router, where is the vpn server.
I'd like to set a notification in The Dude, which will be executed on the server(Windows Server 2008 or on a mikrotik where the dude packge is installed). It would connect via telnet to the router where the usb modem is connected. Then send a comannd to the router to send the sms.

Something like this:
telnet admin@
tool sms send port=usb2 dst="xxxxxxxx" message="Service [Probe.Name] on [Device.Name] is now [Service.Status] ([Service.ProblemDescription])"
Could you pls help me to make this notification work?!
I guess it would be helpful also for others!

Thank you!

Best regards
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Re: Notification from The Dude server via telnet

Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:36 am

Hello, Gábor.
Due to telnet protocol limitation it is not possible to specify login/password. You can do it only using some script which will fill password after password prompt, as for me, I would use perl for it.
Alternatively you can do it if there is ssh access to your device. In a such a case you can use tools like
plink ... pter7.html which is companion utility of the well known putty
Using plink you can create custom notification which will run commands on your RB433UAH (if it supports ssh).

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