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Labels not Refreshing. Bug? Unreliable polling too.

Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:42 pm

I update labels with snmp info and custom functions using VBS. Under 3.5 the Labels do not refresh reliably. Under the 2.2 they worked great.
The system is set for a 30 second label refresh and the Device icon is set to default on the refresh time. I changed the refresh time on another device but that did not help either.

Any ideas?

Example: Under Appearance on a device I have
([oid("")]) < this should update as the data changes.>

Addon here 10-8-10

I just discovered that the polling is not working good either. A lot of item will not detect a loss of ping response even though the device is off.
Usually is I create a new object that matches one that is not working, the new one will work.
The file was imported from 2.2 and things have been copied. I took clean install of the 4.?? beta, I could not get it to update a label/appearance with snmp data either.

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