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a question about monitoring a maching (pc) bandwitdh in remo

Sun Oct 03, 2010 1:16 am

hello , i want to use the dude as an mrtg tool to monitor the bandwidth of one machine that is located outside of my office and network
is that possible at all ?
i cannot monitor the router cause it's actually not mine to do so , and i cannot access it , only getting the network , so i wont be able to to so on it
can i do so ?
and if not , any ideas?
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Re: a question about monitoring a maching (pc) bandwitdh in

Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:28 am

As long as you are able to setup SNMP on the external server and SNMP is allowed through any firewalls between yourself and the server then you will be able to monitor it. With SNMP you can set up a chart to monitor the tx and rx of the nic in the server and have it graph out similar to MRTG.

Here's an example of a chart I have monitoring a link. I dont have a legend or toolbar present, but these can all be added by right clicking on the chart and selecting the each option to be visible. You can also select the scale of the chart aswell, from the entire time line of data to 5 seconds.
Add the external server to a map in the Dude and then create a new chart. When you add an element to the chart you should then be able to pick the nic's tx and rx from the Source pulldown menu.
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