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i misstyped my password for The Dude server

Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:16 pm

i've install TheDude v3.6 server on RouterOS x86
and while configuration i've give wrong password and now i can't login again

how to recovery/reset whole dude configuration or password alone
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Re: i misstyped my password for The Dude server

Tue Oct 26, 2010 12:26 pm

If you can access the xml data file. Open it up with an editor or viewer (IE, Firefox, LFViewer) and look for the following line.

<sys-name>username to find</sys-name>

e.g. <sys-name>admin</sys-name>

You should then find the below info. listed.
The password line should then contain the password that was set.

Hope that helps.
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Re: i misstyped my password for The Dude server

Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:05 pm

Cleartext? Really? Here's a change I'd like to see in the next version. Encrypt that please.

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