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Re: Dude and MT Switch port monitor

Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:23 pm

I used the following probe to check a port up/down state on my HP 2524 switch. I am assuming that the MT 250 will have the same OID for the port state as it is a standard OID, but I would check.

Name: Port Up/Down Test
Type: Function
Agent: Default
Available: if(string_find(oid(""),"up (1)")<0,1,-1)
Error: if(string_find(oid(""),"down (2)")>0,"","Interface 14 Down")
Value: Leave empty if you dont want to graph it
Unit: Leave empty if not graphing.
The OID i am using is obtained from performing a SNMPWalk on the device and retreiving the following OID...<port.number>
replace <port.number> with the port you want to monitor.

"up (1)" and "down (2)" are how the two states of the port are reported in the SNMPWalk, this might not be the case on the MT 250 switch, you will need to check the OID value on your MT 250 switch with the SNMPWalk.

Once you have the correct OID and state string you can add them into the probe and then it should tell you the state of the port.

To get it to alert you by email you will need to setup a notification specifically for the probe we have created.

Create a new Notification and set it up accordingly...

Name: Port up/down email Test
Type: Email
Server: SMTP server address (unless you already have a default one setup in the Dude)
Subject: can be left as is for testing
Body: Leave as is for testing
Now setup the notification for the probe. see below.
That is pretty much it.. test it on a port you can pull up and down regularly to make sure the probe and notification are correct.

Hope that helps.
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