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Problem monitor ports on a new Avaya stack with SNMP

Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:05 pm

Hi all,
I'm using Dude for a few years already and it's my favorite monitoring tool, but lately I've encountered a strange problem I can't seem to resolve and I'm currently bashing my head against the wall .

I introduced to my network a new Avaya ERS 4524GT stack and I'm trying to monitor a few ports in the stack (with SNMP) to see and graph the data transferred with no luck!
The numbers are wrong and measured incorrectly, I tried to import the mibs Avaya supplied from their support site (a zip file with 200 mib files) but after the import the dude don’t want to start any more until I delete all the mib files I've imported.

Anyone knows what is the correct way to update the mib files or what file should I import to correctly monitor these ports?

I have attached the Avayas mib collection.
BTW, I have no problem collecting data from Avaya's ERS 5XXX models it looks like the problem is only with the new models
AVAYA readings.png
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