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Simple probe, but I'm failing

Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:16 pm

I'm trying to put together a very, very simple probe, but am failing.

I want to monitor warnings on a system, if everything is fine it lists as: OID=., Type=Null, Value=
If there are warnings then something else is displayed, such as: OID=., Type=OctetString, Value=*Wrn FuelTheft

I just want a probe that warns me if anything has changed and snmpwalk doesn't display: OID=., Type=Null, Value=
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Re: Simple probe, but I'm failing

Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:45 pm

Run snmpwalk for 1.3.6 and verify that you get some values if there are no results you need to go setup SNMP correctly.

Then try to walk if there are no results the vendor specific OID is wrong and you need to determine the correct OID.

Once you get the correct OID use it in the appearance of a label to see if it looks like what you are interested in.
[oid("")] NOTE: If the vaule is null nothing will be displayed.

If that works then you can make a function that grabs the oid or returns false. NOTE: If the vaule is normally NULL it equals ZERO so the probe logic will have to be reversed. (This could take a lot of experimentation but maybe just add 1 to the result in your function and subtract 1 from it later in the error line of the probe before evaluating with IF).

READ the probe thread or the how to make a probe in the wiki, many posts of mine can help you.


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