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New repository with MikroTik RouterOS scripts:

Sun May 22, 2016 4:36 pm

I just pushed the first batch of stuff to my new repository:

It's scripts I made so far in a somewhat organised way.

The `/scripts/` directory contains scripts.

There is a `README.rst` (yes I use reStructuredText for documentation) in each directory like /scripts/README.rst

It presumes you download the repository locally, then transfer the scripts to your RouterOS device using the same directory structure.

The /scripts/import.file-scripts-functions-procedures.rsc then will import all `Function.*.rsc` and `Procedure.*.rsc` so you can call them globally.

Please shoot at them at github or in this thread or post pull-requests to contribute.

In due time there will be blog posts with more background information at likely somewhere under ... /mikrotik/


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