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script repository update: new docs, new/updated scripts (mostly date/time related)

Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:05 pm

Two new updates to

Feel free to post issues at

- documentation update in ... README.rst
- updated and new scripts with:
Code cleanup, a first try at a toString function and date, time, dateTime related function scripts including:

- civilDateTimeToSecondsSince19700101
- civilDateToDaysSince19700101
- dateTimeToYYYYMMDDhhmmssNumber
- dateTimeToYYYYMMDDhhmmssString
- dateToYYYYMMDDString
- timeToHHMMSSString
- timeToSecondsSinceMidnight

The marking of `civil` is because these expect a Gregorian date whereas the other date functions don't care about the calendar system.

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