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scripting file-size limitation 4k

Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:55 am

Hi Folks

I am running into the scripting file-size limitation of 4096bytes problem.
On a CCR1036 with far enough power, I have several text-files with each one line of data. These are status files of remote stations. For monitoring reasons, I have a script, that consolidates all these files into one .txt file.
Until now, this was working fine because there were less than 30 files to combine. Since there are more, the script only consolidates 31 files and comes up with the message "failure: new contents too long".

The command to combine the files is the fallowing:
:local file "path/status.txt"
:file set $file contents=""
:foreach i in=[/file find name~"path/" name!="path/status.txt"] do={/file set \
	$file contents=([/file get $file contents] . [/file get $i \
	value-name=creation-time ] . ";" . [/file get $i \
	contents] . "\r\n")}
I tried to run this directly from system scheduler, import it as .rsc file, run the command in a ssh session...
Always the same result.

Is there any working way to get around this limitation? I really want to do this consolidating on the CCR, not on a external server!

Thanks in Advance for help
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Re: scripting file-size limitation 4k

Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:47 am

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