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SPDNS Update Script

Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:47 am

Hi Guys n Gals,

does anyone have a working script for Updating DNS on

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Re: SPDNS Update Script

Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:02 pm

Ok, this is late, but I used another script from the forum and this works right now:
# Set needed variables
:local password "YOUR-PASSWORD"
:local hostname "YOUR-HOSTNAME"

:global dyndnsForce
:global previousIP

# print some debug info
:log info ("UpdateDynDNS: hostname = $hostname")
:log info ("UpdateDynDNS: previousIP = $previousIP")

# get the current IP address from the internet (in case of double-nat)
/tool fetch mode=http address="" src-path="/" dst-path="/dyndns.checkip.html"
:local result [/file get dyndns.checkip.html contents]

:local currentIP $result
:log info "UpdateDynDNS: currentIP = $currentIP"

# Remove the # on next line to force an update every single time - useful for debugging,
# but you could end up getting blacklisted by DynDNS!

#:set dyndnsForce true

# Determine if dyndns update is needed
# more dyndns updater request details available at Perform Update - Dyn
:if (($currentIP != $previousIP) || ($dyndnsForce = true)) do={
:set dyndnsForce false
:set previousIP $currentIP
/tool fetch mode=https address="" \
src-path="nic/update?hostname=$hostname&myip=$currentIP&user=$hostname&pass=$password" dst-path="/dyndns.txt"
:local result [/file get dyndns.txt contents]
:log info ("UpdateDynDNS: Dyndns update needed")
:log info ("UpdateDynDNS: Dyndns Update Result: ".$result)
:put ("Dyndns Update Result: ".$result)
} else={
:log info ("UpdateDynDNS: No dyndns update needed")
Important: The script needs the following policies: ftp, read, policy, write, test. Without policy it would constantly force-update the record. And in this case I use the "Update-Token" as a password.

Thanks to all who shared their examples and the hints about the policy.

Even better is following script because it doesn't need to save to NAND. Source: viewtopic.php?t=58904#p301494
:global currentIP;
:local password "YOUR-PASSWORD"
:local hostname "YOUR-HOSTNAME"

:local tmpIP [/ip address get [find interface="pppoe-out1"] address];
:local myIP [:pick $tmpIP 0 [:find $tmpIP "/"]];

:if ($myIP != $currentIP) do={
    :log info "WAN IP address changed from $currentIP to $myIP"
    :set currentIP $myIP;
    /tool fetch mode=https address="" \
src-path="nic/update?hostname=$hostname&myip=$currentIP&user=$hostname&pass=$password" keep-result=no;
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Re: SPDNS Update Script

Mon Jan 28, 2019 10:46 pm

im watching last 2 script
and where is user ?
i see password and hostname .. but user ??
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Re: SPDNS Update Script

Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:31 pm

User is the same as hostname, see
in the second script. The password is the token that you can create at the SPDYN user backend.

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