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API scan and snoop stop problem

Posted: Sat May 20, 2017 2:51 am
by MaHr
Hello guys,
I am using mikrotik API for wireless SCAN and SNOOP. Everythink working fine, but problem is, if some connection problem commit on running SCAN or SNOOPER. If network is lost, I must reconnect to mikrotik again and that is the problem, because I cannot stop tool which was runned before connection lost. /cancel command doesnt cancel previously started tool. In fact this tool is running in background and I cannot stop it until reboot. If I try run SCAN in winbox (previously started from API before connection lost was SCAN) I see scan results, but stop button stop only refreshing list in winbox, but in fact doesnt stop SCAN tool. If I want to start snooper, I get warning, that other tool is running.
Exist some command in API, which can stop all running SCAN or SNOOP tasks from second connection, which was started from first connection via API?