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Looking for help with Mikrotik API Ubiquiti UCRM

Wed May 16, 2018 1:38 am

Hello we operate a WISP and we are looking for someone that is proficient with MikroTik router configuration to help us integrate APIs with our customer platform.

We are currently using Ubiquiti UCRM the UCRM platform has access to the MikroTik router it has made the changes that it needs but is not limiting or stopping access to the internet.

We can also deny customers in CRM the scripts from CRM add the IP to the DENY list created in the MikroTIK but the denial or redirect is not happening.

If someone was willing to take a look at this we would be willing to compensate them for the work. We want someone proficient in networking as this is a live network. We can not risk out network being down too long.

Any thoughts to what this could be would appreciated.
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Re: Looking for help with Mikrotik API Ubiquiti UCRM

Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:11 am

i try to manage my client with UCRM but nothing.
i search many sites on google but nothing. i have spend all my money in mikrotik routers and i have 800 clients with mikrotik antennas.
for moment i manage my client with radiusmanager (dmasoft), and i want to change it and use UCRM.

i am irritated why mikrotik providers or who has try it and works dont tell as how we can use UCRM in our system.

maybe we made a mistake that we should not have taken to the mikrotik router but with UBNT????
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Re: Looking for help with Mikrotik API Ubiquiti UCRM

Thu Jul 19, 2018 2:00 am

Hello ,
As a tested and made working , UCRM can start/stop user with mikrotik device ( gateway ) . The thing that can`t do is QoS , but there is plugin to handle the job. The only small issue is that rules for the QoS need to be done manual for all ip addresses on the router , then the plugin uses api to modify the speed depending on the billing.
Service suspension works fine , it is little bit tricky to make it work for the way you look how to bill the clients .
Main problem with the UCRM is that there is no radius/dhcp server build in , so all task with dhcp/static ip / PPPoE or said AAA need to be done manual or via some other software.

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