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PUSHOVER - ready MikroTik script to send messages

Fri Jun 29, 2018 12:19 am

I've just written a script (function) to send the Pushover messages directly from MikroTik, not using e-mail but direct API (faster). Just run once on bootup to "install" the functions:
:global urlEncode do={
  :local output ""
  :local input [:toarray $1]
  :if ([:len $input] > 0) do={
    :local input1 [:tostr [:pick $input 0]]
    :local conversion {" "="%20";"!"="%21";"\""="%22";"#"="%23";"\$"="%24";"%"="%25";"&"="%26";"'"="%27";"-"="%2D";"("="%28";")"="%29";"*"="%2A";"+"="%2B";","="%2C";"/"="%2F";":"="%3A";";"="%3B";"<"="%3C";">"="%3E";"="="%3D";"?"="%3F";"@"="%40";"["="%5B";"]"="%5D";"{"="%7B";"}"="%7D"};
    :for i from=0 to=([:len $input1] - 1) do={ 
      :local char [:pick $input1 $i]
      :if ([:typeof ($conversion->[:tostr $char])]!="nothing") do={:set $char ($conversion->[:tostr $char]);}
      :set output ($output . $char)
    :set output [:tostr $output]
    :set output [:toarray $output]
  :return $output

:global pushover do={
:global urlEncode;
  :if ([:typeof $message]!="nothing") do={
    :local api "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
    :local user "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
    :local urlmessage [$urlEncode $message];
    :local string "token=$api&user=$user&message=$urlmessage";
    :if ([:typeof $title]!="nothing") do={:set $string ($string . "&title=$[$urlEncode $title]");}
    :if ([:typeof $priority]!="nothing") do={:set $string ($string . "&priority=$priority");}
    :if ([:typeof $sound]!="nothing") do={:set $string ($string . "&sound=$sound");}
    /tool fetch mode=https url="" http-method=post http-data="$string";
Of course, in "api" and "user" variables I have my keys from Pushover (you need to create application in the Pushover panel). Then I can just do:
$pushover message="This is a simple Pushover message."
Or more advanced:
:local title "Important message from router $[/system identity get name]";                              
:local message "Just writing to inform you that my temperature is $[/system health get temperature] degrees Celsius!" 
$pushover title=$title message=$message priority=1 sound="tugboat"
I used the urlEncode function written by few people in this thread.
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Re: PUSHOVER - ready MikroTik script to send messages

Wed Apr 03, 2019 9:12 pm

Thank you for this - it's proven to be a very helpful chunk of code!

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