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No good connection alert

Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:11 pm

Hey there!
need some scrpting or something else that alert me or do some in case of bad connection....
Example: SXT LITE5 connected via wireless a with ptp link.... i wonna do some, when this is no more good (rain, snow...) and have a latency of 150+ms delay or some ICMP request timed out.... maybe after 5 in a raw
thought something with ping some and netwatch....

Thx guys!
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Re: No good connection alert

Wed Jul 18, 2018 6:26 pm


1. Netwatch - no, it's too basic
2. Script scheduled to run every minute (or so) would do. The script would run ping to the other side with interval set to 150 ms and with specified count (like 10 or 100 pings) - if the latency is higher, the pings will drop - and then based on the drop number (you'll get number of successful responses and do the math) you can do action.
For example:
:if ([/ping interval=150ms count=100]<30) do={/tool e-mail send subject="Bad connection!" etc...}
(which means - if more than 70 of the 100 pings sent were either dropped or delayed by more than 150 ms - send the alarm);

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