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Fail2ban Scripts for RouterOS

Sat Aug 25, 2018 3:20 pm

#This's a System Scheduler Script.
#Fail2ban for Mik RouterOs . By xiaoD

#define How many times login failed from same address will be ban.
:local maxtried 10

#define The baned addresses timeout.[1d: one day,30m: 30 minutes]
:local ban_time 3d

#define The exception address will not be ban.
:local ex_ip

#Begin Script.
#default Rules check and build
:if ([:len [/ip fi fi find comment=fail2ban]]=0) do={/ip fi fi add chain=input src-address-list=ban action=drop comment=fail2ban}
:foreach i in=[find message~"login failure" ] do={
:local msg [get $i message]
:local theip [:pick $msg ([:find $msg "from "]+5) [:find $msg " via"]]
:if ($theip != $ex_ip) do={
:local timesban [:len [/ip fi addr find list=ban address=$theip]]
:if ($timesban = 0) do={
:local times [:len [/ip fi addr find list=login_failure address=$theip]]
:if ($times = 0) do={/ip fi addr add list=login_failure address=$theip timeout=1m comment=1} else={:local thecm [:tonum ([/ip fi addr get [find list=login_failure address=$theip] comment] + 1)];:if ($thecm > $maxtried ) do={[/ip fi addr add list=ban timeout=$ban_time address=$theip]} else={/ip fi addr set [find list=login_failure address=$theip] comment=$thecm}}
#End Script.
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Re: Fail2ban Scripts for RouterOS

Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:24 am

Hello there,
Interested in your script.

Tried to test it but no results, no errors.

routeros version: 6.46.1.

Let me know if you can support.

Thank you.

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