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how to send sms through API php

Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:26 am

Hello everyone

I hope you can help me in this, I am new to these issues ... I want to send SMS text messages to the active users of the hotspot from the Api of Mikrotik (I already have their mobile numbers), the programming leguanje that I am using is PHP, I have a gsm modem with chip connected to my router board, and if I try to send SMS from the mikrotik terminal if I succeed, but from the API I can not make it work

please help me

Attached file from the mikrotik api that I am using
      			"port" => "usb1",
      			"channel" => "0",
      			"phone-number" => "$num_telef",
      			"message" => "$SMS",

I thank their answers
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