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LogParser+Action script newbie

Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:16 pm


I would like a router to send me messages when certain things appear in the log. I tried as good as I can to adapt the example given in the wiki. The problem is that if the scripts run as they are now, they fire the message right away, every time. Something is wrong with the variables I guess. But I am too much a beginner to figure it out by myself right now. Router runs 6.43.1.

I have created the log buffer as follows:
/system logging action print
Flags: * - default 
 0 * name="memory" target=memory memory-lines=2000 memory-stop-on-full=no 
 5   name="logParse" target=memory memory-lines=1000 memory-stop-on-full=no 

/system logging
add action=logParse topics=system,error,critical,hotspot,info

Here are my scripts:

# Set this to a "memory" action log buffer
:local logBuffer "logParse"

# Set to name of parser script to run against each log entry in buffer
:local logParserScript "Log-Parser-Script"

# Internal processing below....
# -----------------------------------
:global logParseVar ""

:local loglastparsetime
:local loglastparsemessage
:local findindex
:local property
:local value
:local logEntryTopics
:local logEntryTime
:local logEntryMessage
:local curDate
:local curMonth
:local curDay
:local curYear
:local clearedbuf
:local lines

# Get current date settings
:set $curDate [/system clock get date]
:set $curMonth [:pick [:tostr $curDate] 0 3]
:set $curDay [:pick [:tostr $curDate] 4 6]
:set $curYear [:pick [:tostr $curDate] 7 11]

:set $clearedbuf 0
:foreach rule in=[/log print as-value where buffer=($logBuffer)] do={
# Now all data is collected in memory..

# Clear log buffer right away so new entries come in
   :if ($clearedbuf = 0) do={
      /system logging action {
         :set $lines [get ($logBuffer) memory-lines]
         set ($logBuffer) memory-lines 1
         set ($logBuffer) memory-lines $lines
      :set $clearedbuf 1
# End clear log buffer

   :set $logEntryTime ""
   :set $logEntryTopics ""
   :set $logEntryMessage ""

# Get each log entry's properties
   :local items {$rule}
   :foreach item in=[$items] do={
      :set $logEntryTime ($item->"time")
      :set $logEntryTopics ($item->"topics")
      :set $logEntryMessage ($item->"message")
# end foreach item

# Set $logEntryTime to full time format (mmm/dd/yyyy HH:MM:SS)
   :set $findindex [:find [:tostr $logEntryTime] " "]
# If no spaces are found, only time is given (HH:MM:SS), insert mmm/dd/yyyy
   :if ([:len $findindex] = 0) do={
      :set $logEntryTime ($curMonth . "/" . $curDay . "/" . $curYear . " " . \
                                    [:tostr $logEntryTime])
# Only (mmm/dd HH:MM:SS) is given, insert year
   :if ($findindex = 6) do={
      :set $logEntryTime ([:pick [:tostr $logEntryTime] 0 $findindex] . "/" . $curYear . \
                                    [:pick [:tostr $logEntryTime] $findindex [:len [:tostr $logEntryTime]]])
# Only (mmm HH:MM:SS) is given, insert day and year
   :if ($findindex = 3) do={
      :set $logEntryTime ([:pick [:tostr $logEntryTime] 0 $findindex] . "/" . $curDay . "/" . $curYear . \
                                    [:pick [:tostr $logEntryTime] $findindex [:len [:tostr $logEntryTime]]])
# End set $logEntryTime to full time format

# Skip if logEntryTime and logEntryMessage are the same as previous parsed log entry
   :if ($logEntryTime = $loglastparsetime && $logEntryMessage = $loglastparsemessage) do={
   } else={
#   Set $logParseVar, then run parser script
      :set $logParseVar {$logEntryTime ; $logEntryTopics; $logEntryMessage}
      /system script run ($logParserScript)

#   Update last parsed time, and last parsed message
      :set $loglastparsetime $logEntryTime
      :set $loglastparsemessage $logEntryMessage

# end foreach rule

And LogParserAction:
:global logParseVar
:local logTime ($logParseVar->0)
:local logTopics [:tostr ($logParseVar->1)]
:local logMessage [:tostr ($logParseVar->2)]
:set $logParseVar ""

:local ruleop
:local loguser
:local logsettings
:local findindex
:local tmpstring

# Uncomment to view the log entry's details
#:put ("Log Time: " . $logTime
#:put ("Log Topics: " . $logTopics)
#:put ("Log Message: " . $logMessage)

# Check for login failure
:if ([:find [:tostr $logMessage] "logged"] != "") do={
   /tool fetch url="\?chat_id=BBB&text=Some text" keep-result=no;
# End check for login failure

# Check for disk error
:if ([:find [:tostr $logMessage] "commit transaction"] != "") do={
  /tool fetch url="\?chat_id=BBB&text=Some text" keep-result=no;
# End check for disk error

What is wrong here?

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