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Change Trial Mac username from Dynamic to Static

Fri Sep 28, 2018 1:05 pm

Hello, is there any way to convert the T-MAC to static? how can i change this using command?

The reason is because the everytime the router reboots, the T-MAC gets lost, i want the trial username to persist every reboot. Thanks
[admin@MikroTik] > ip hotspot user print where name~"^T-"
Flags: * - default, X - disabled, D - dynamic 
 #   SERVER                    NAME                    ADDRESS         PROFILE                    UPTIME      
 0 D hotspot1                  T-5C:1A:3E:55:44:0D                     default                    30m         
 1 D hotspot1                  T-64:E6:AA:C5:AD:55                     default                    21m6s       
[admin@MikroTik] > 

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