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Send MAC address to UniFi Controller

Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:21 am

Halo everyone,

i want to create connection between mikrotik and unifi controller. I need create script which send all MAC address from /DHCP Server/Leases over SSH to file on UniFiController.
Based on this, all the addresses listed will be in the whitelist and will have access to the WLAN.

config.system_cfg.1=ebtables.1.cmd=-A FORWARD -i ath1 -j DROP 
config.system_cfg.2=ebtables.2.cmd=-I FORWARD -i ath1 -s b0:c4:e7:54:49:82 -j ACCEPT
config.system_cfg.3=ebtables.3.cmd=-I FORWARD -i ath1 -s d4:20:6d:4e:f1:df -j ACCEPT

- compare existing lines mac address and skip existing mac address or create new line, delete unactual line.
- save a file on remote ssh controller.

Can you help me??
for all the efforts I thank

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