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Hotspot on log-out doesn't work

Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:02 am

hi there, all master and guru
would you help me in correcting the script hotspot user profile on log-out, it doesn't work for me, i use rb750r2 with Ros v. 3.92 stable
i used the following script
/queue tree remove [find packet-mark=("paket-"."$address")];
/queue tree remove [find packet-mark=("youtube1-"."$address")];
/queue tree remove [find packet-mark=("Med1-"."$address")];
/queue tree remove [find packet-mark=("zallpaket-"."$address")];
/ip firewall mangle remove [find where comment=("paket-"."$address")];
/ip firewall mangle remove [find where comment=("youtube1-"."$address")];
/ip firewall mangle remove [find where comment=("Med1-"."$address")];
/ip firewall mangle remove [find where comment=("zallpaket-"."$address")];

fyi the script hotspot user profile on login work perfectly,
thank you

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