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Interface and bandwidth script for my Wap60g

Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:46 pm

Hello community,
I am new in MikroTik and I need to measure interface parameters and do a bandwidth test of my wap60g antennas. I try to make a script, that can measure paramaters and export it to txt. New measure do the same, but I want result on new line of the existing file. Not in another new file.

I know these commands:
/interface w60g> monitor wlan60-1 file=myresults
/tool bandwidth-test duration=10s user=admin
/system script add name=myscript
/system script edit myscript source
/system script myscript run (but that doesnt work, cause of some item number???)

Please help me. I´m very dissapointed with this. Thank you very much.

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