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Multiple ssh-command

Wed Mar 27, 2019 10:40 am

Hello there.

I've got two routers: (RouterOS 6.43.12) and (RouterOS 6.44+)
I've got two rsc-files:

/ip route print
/ip address print

/ip route print; /ip address print

When I do on my Linux machine
cat first.rsc | ssh -T -p 22
I see result of both commands, but on second router (
cat first.rsc | ssh -T -p 22
) I see only
/ip route print
result, second command is not executing.

By the way second.rsc works fine and both routers shows full result of both commands.

What's wrong with 6.44+ (6.44.1 also affected) and how can I use multiline rsc with ssh?

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