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pppoe-client error

Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:11 pm

Hi guys,
simple question:

RB with 4 interface UP. eth1, eth2, eth3 and eth4

eth1 is a WAN for me, configured as PPPoE-Client with add default default route=no
eth2 is similiar, but with another carrier
eth3 is LAN1
eth4 is LAN2

i modify PPPoE distance, 10 for my WAN1, 20 for WAN2 (to stay safe)

dual mark-routing
chain prerouting src-address action mark-routing lan1
chain prerouting src-address action mark-routing lan2

and last i added 2 route
dst-addr= gateway=pppoe-out1 routing-mark=lan1
dst-addr= gateway=pppoe-out2 routing-mark=lan2

(all charapters "=/*" and other are not mentioned here.... wrote this post just as i remember)

my rules doesn't work... every connection, pass only on a single WAN

P.S. even in past i had some issue with PPPoE-client mode (instead using IP Addresses in all rules and routes)

how could I solve?

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