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bypassing non CDP MAC address into hotspot

Wed Jul 24, 2019 12:47 am

In referencing ( viewtopic.php?t=82245 )

I'm trying to create a 'bypass' binding rule for the hotspot based on finding 'active host names' in the DHCP server leases that would be unique to a given hardware vendor and then create the binding for example previously i did this for adding CAPs in neighbors to the binding like this:

:foreach neighbor in=[/ip neighbor find] do={
:local ip [/ip neighbor get $neighbor address ];
:local mac [/ip neighbor get $neighbor mac-address];
:put $ip;
:put $mac;
/ip hotspot ip-binding add address=$ip mac-address=$mac type=bypassed;

This worked well for what I needed before......but now i'm not able to do this since the new hardware vendor isn't discoverable or CDP compatible unfortunately. So i thought I could pull part of the unique hostname from DHCP server (ie. WAP-ap1, WAP-ap2, WAP-ap3....etc...) then add it into a bypass within the hotspot.

Any suggestions would be appreciated...


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