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Numerating problem when triggering script via snmp

Sat Aug 10, 2019 5:53 pm

Hi everyone,

i am not sure if this is bug in the routeros or an error on my side (or maybe even a feature?):

i have 4 scripts on routerboard running 6.45.3.
1) One to disable all wlan caps instances
2) one to enable all wlan caps instances
3) one to disable all guest wlan caps instances
4) one to enable all guest wlan caps instances
when i trigger those from winbox all work as they should.
During creation of these rules i think i deleted one and created it new again (or may have only copied and deleted afterwards, something like that).

When i trigger them from outside via snmp:
snmpset -cprivat -v 1 s 1 & ---> triggers the first script (as stated in the manual (
snmpset -cprivat -v 1 s 1 & ---> triggers the second script
snmpset -cprivat -v 1 s 1 & ---> returns error
snmpset -cprivat -v 1 s 1 & ---> triggers the third script
snmpset -cprivat -v 1 s 1 & ---> triggers the fourth script

So it seems like the internal numeration mechanism for ordering of script snmp-addresses seems to keep the deleted position in memory.
This behavior persisted after a reboot.

So is this a bug in RouterOs or something intended?


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