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Faill-Over Delay Script for Satellite Links

Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:08 am

Hello Everybody,

I have two satellite WAN connections: Primary - A 'fast' Ka band service but very susceptible to rain and Secondary a 'slow' C-Band service, which is much less susceptible to rain fade.

I've setup a simple distance route (0 & 1) with the 'check-gateway' option, to fail-over from the Primary to the Secondary WAN connections in bad weather and it works alright.

The issue is that during the bad weather, a single ping to primary default route will occasionally get through causing the router to switch back from the secondary to the primary connection and all traffic will drop as the there's massive packet loss. This process then repeats itself until the weather clears.

I'd like to know if there's a script that I could use to implement a delay, so that when there's bad weather and the router has switched to the secondary connection, and then detects that the primary connection is available again, a timer is started and after 30 minutes of no packet loss to the primary default gateway (weather has cleared) switches back to the primary connection.

With Thanks.

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