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help how to setup load balance using 1wan and 1wlan as source

Mon Sep 02, 2019 4:32 am

help im just new and dont have any knowledge on the mikrotik

my unit is hap ac RB962UiGS-5acT2

how to setup load balance using 1wan and 1 wlan step by step guide if anyone can help.

1. wan is dhcp 192.168.1.XX gateway dns /
2. wlan will be connecting either ip dhcp , gw wlan1 2ghz or wlan2 5ghz? how to set this one up?
3. once wlan1 2ghz and wlan2 5ghz is set as station to connect from other wireless isp is it possible to create a virtual wlan so i can have mikrotik as ap?
4. once in load balance and wan or wlan have failed will it continue to work?

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