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Monitor Mikrotik log by Telegram

Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:42 pm

Hey, If you want to monitor your Mikrotik log's Specific event's like : excessive broadcast,loop,link down,fcs errors,and even failure login attempts to your server

this method is going to help you as it helped me to monitor +40 Mikrotik server under my control for more than one year in a perfect experiment 8)

you can filter your log's parameters and this method will send all event's about it to your telegram group like a notification :o

Now here is a simple Script with an auto scheduler running every one minute (you can edit it as you like)

Here is the steps:
1-add new script with name "LogFilter"
2-Copy and past the code below
3-edit setup section to your own telegram bot and chat id
4-run the script for first time by your self allowing it to run every one minute
:local myserver ([/system identity get name])
:local scheduleName "LogFilter"
:local bot "your bot id"
:local ChatID "-your chat id"
:local startBuf [:toarray [/log find message~" failure" || message~"loop" || message~"down" || message~"fcs" || message~"excessive"]]


# warn if schedule does not exist
:if ([:len [/system scheduler find name="$scheduleName"]] = 0) do={
  /log warning "[LogFilter] Alert : Schedule does not exist. Creating schedule ...."

 /system scheduler add name=$scheduleName interval=60s start-date=Jul/05/2019 start-time=startup on-event=LogFilter

  /log warning "[LogFilter] Alert : Schedule created ."

# get last time
:local lastTime [/system scheduler get [find name="$scheduleName"] comment]
# for checking time of each log entry
:local currentTime
# log message
:local message
# final output
:local output

:local keepOutput false
# if lastTime is empty, set keepOutput to true
:if ([:len $lastTime] = 0) do={
  :set keepOutput true

:local counter 0
# loop through all log entries that have been found
:foreach i in=$startBuf do={
# loop through all removeThese array items
  :local keepLog true
  :foreach j in=$removeThese do={
#   if this log entry contains any of them, it will be ignored
    :if ([/log get $i message] ~ "$j") do={
      :set keepLog false
  :if ($keepLog = true) do={
   :set message [/log get $i message]

#   depending on log date/time, the format may be different. 3 known formats
#   format of jan/01/2002 00:00:00 which shows up at unknown date/time. Using as default
    :set currentTime [ /log get $i time ]
#   format of 00:00:00 which shows up on current day's logs
   :if ([:len $currentTime] = 8 ) do={
     :set currentTime ([:pick [/system clock get date] 0 11]." ".$currentTime)
    } else={
#     format of jan/01 00:00:00 which shows up on previous day's logs
     :if ([:len $currentTime] = 15 ) do={
        :set currentTime ([:pick $currentTime 0 6]."/".[:pick [/system clock get date] 7 11]." ".[:pick $currentTime 7 15])
#   if keepOutput is true, add this log entry to output
   :if ($keepOutput = true) do={
     :set output ($output.$currentTime." %0A%0A ".$message."\r\n")

    :if ($currentTime = $lastTime) do={
     :set keepOutput true
     :set output ""
  :if ($counter = ([:len $startBuf]-1)) do={
   :if ($keepOutput = false) do={    
     :if ([:len $message] > 0) do={
        :set output ($output.$currentTimer." ".$message."\r\n")
  :set counter ($counter + 1)

if ([:len $output] > 0) do={
  /system scheduler set [find name="$scheduleName"] comment=$currentTime
  /tool fetch url="$bot/sendmessage?chat_id=$ChatID&text=$myserver%0A%0A$output" keep-result=no;
Note 1: This code will not repeat the same event twice, it takes the last date of the event and saves it and remember to not repeat it again till it appears again in log.

Note 2: Quoted and modified code
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