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RSC backup restore failing on same model hardware and routerOS version

Tue Nov 17, 2020 2:48 pm

We are generating a rsc backup file using command
/export file=backup.rsc
and then trying to restore same file on a new device which is same model Hardware and also same RouterOS version using command
/system reset-configuration run-after-reset=flash/backup.rsc

But restore is replicating configuration available in the rsc backup file on the same model Hardware.

We get some random configuration commands like loop-protect=0s, or inclusion of source MAC on ethernet interface configuration which seems to be breaking the backup restore.

Please suggest a way forward.

We have tested this on Hex Gr3 Mikrotik with both 6.44.5 (LT) and 6.46.8(latest LT) separately.

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