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(6.48) CQI has disappeared from /interface lte info

Sun Dec 27, 2020 7:25 pm

As per subject.

I'm using The Dude to keep a log of CQI and RSRP, and graph them, so I can make an objective comparison when switching antenna and changing antenna position (height, location)

Today the link went down for a moment, then came back up, but since then CQI has been missing. If I open a terminal on the router with the LTE modem and run /interface lte info lte1, I still don't see it.
> /interface lte info lte1 once 
           pin-status: ok
  registration-status: registered
        functionality: full
         manufacturer: "MikroTik"
                model: "R11e-LTE"
             revision: "MikroTik_CP_2.160.000_v015"
     current-operator: vodafone UK
                  lac: 41065
       current-cellid: 129647892
               enb-id: 506437
            sector-id: 20
           phy-cellid: 447
    access-technology: Evolved 3G (LTE)
       session-uptime: 17m32s
                 imei: 355654091781372
                 imsi: 2341XXXXXXXX812
                 uicc: 894410003001XXXXXXXX
               earfcn: 6300 (band 20, bandwidth 10Mhz)
                 rsrp: -91dBm
                 rsrq: -11.5dB
                 sinr: 3dB

Update: Upgrading the modem firmware hasn't made any difference.

Further update: It's reappeared just as mysteriously, about 30 minutes since the upgrade completed.
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Re: (6.48) CQI has disappeared from /interface lte info

Wed Dec 30, 2020 6:40 pm

It disappeared again from about 16:15 to about 00:15, disabling & re-enabling the interface didn't make any difference.
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Re: (6.48) CQI has disappeared from /interface lte info

Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:02 am

Above is posted in wrong topic header and should be under wireless .

Then as per your question, IIRC, CQI will only show when signal strength and quality is at acceptable levels

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