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Mikrotik Firewall - Firetik

Thu Feb 11, 2021 8:14 pm

Due to an unusual amount of requests my Mikrotik Firewall website has been suspended. I've now migrated everything to a paid domain,

To my users, you just have to change the Firehol script in winbox.

System > Scripts >DownloadFirehol >

/tool fetch url="" mode=https;



Firetik is a list of malicious IPs that should be blocked on the network. The list is based on Firehol, which is composed of Fullbogons – the unroutable IPs, Spamhaus drop and edrop – Don’t Route Or Peer IPs, Dshield – the top 20 attacking class-C and Malware lists – the Command and Control IPs

The script works like an Antivirus for your network that blocks malicious IPs with Firehol_Level1’s dynamic list as your database.
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