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How to select all interfaces not in a bridge using find command?

Fri Feb 19, 2021 4:18 pm

I originally posted this in "Beginner Basics", but I think this is a more appropriate forum for this question.

Hi all, I'm thinking there has to be a better way to do this... I have a CRS354-48G, and need to add basically 44 of the 48 ports to the same VLAN. Instead of doing
add bridge=BR1 interface=ether1 pvid=10 hw=yes
44 times, I was hoping that I could maybe use the "find" command or some other magic to list a range of interfaces. Ideally I'd like to just apply this to interfaces 1-44, but I have added interfaces 45 and 46 to a different bridge (BR2), so if I could, for example, find all ports NOT in BR2, that would work pretty well, then I could always remove ports 47 and 48 later on.

I tried searching the topic but didn't really see anything, unless maybe I'm missing a keyword somewhere. I'd appreciate a tip! I'm trying to read up on the scripting interface but I haven't really grasped it just yet.

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